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Nomad boxing gym teach all athletes the character, confidence. Mission is to impact and transform local community through a boxing program that encourages integrity, discipline, respect, values, and morals. Our goal is to remind our fighters of their incredible value and worth to the future of their community and this country.

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Nomad Boxing Gym isn’t the most decorated gym, but that doesn’t change our value in building character in those who want to improve their health. Besides boxing classes, we also offer general fitness classes for adults and kids. Doesn’t matter if you want to perfect your boxing form or just get in good shape, our gym is welcoming to everyone. Our programs include one-on-one sessions, kids classes (12&up), an amateur program and a weight loss program.

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Our Goal

On of the most important goal is to attract and involve more kids and young people in the sport of amateur boxing and to provide choices for the youth which will then have a positive impact on the community.